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About Busam Capital

Busam Capital Limited was incorporated on 27th June 2007, being an investment company that’s specializes in providing venture capital to small and medium enterprises. It is registered in accordance with the Companies’ Act of Kenya.  It is a subsidiary of Busam Holdings Limited. Though our operational history spans few years, the diversity of our skills base and cutting edge expertise of our team would be difficult to rival. With a cumulative hands-on experience of our management team spanning over twenty  years we have a rare breed of a youthful zeal with a sagely experience.  Our goal is to exceed the expectations of every client by offering outstanding customer service, increased flexibility, and greater value.  Our team and associates are distinguished by their functional and technical expertise combined with their hands-on experience, thereby ensuring that our clients receive the most effective and professional service.   Our customer satisfaction has been our spring board to sustain our growing market share and sustained growth. As investors, Busam Capital Limited constantly strives to explain to our prospective consumers, the invaluable merits of transacting with us, particularly in seeking emergency finance

Core Values
Our values run to the core and guide and secure every conversation we have, decision we make, advice offered, interaction amongst our team players, our customer interaction and alliances we partner. We believe in values lived and believe this is the ultimate source of our success.
We have five core values that center on our service, products, ethics, people and processes.

We are passionate about service We are innovative in our approach  We are honest and play fair We value diversity We work smart and make the difference.

Our clients remember us for being: “quick to service.” It means we want to guide and advise our customers so that the complexity of finance is kept simple.

Busam Capital Culture
Our ethos of acting with the customer in mind is inbuilt amongst our team members. We count our success on the basis of our team member’s care for their internal and external customers, the society and our shareholders. When we do this, to us work is fun. This is by enjoying the work environment, enjoying the difference we make in the lives of our customers and communities, and celebrating our achievements together as a team.

The Board
Our board of directors is constituted by experienced hands in diverse fields as property developers, Project risk management, businessmen, banking and finance.

Our People
We attract, develop, retain and motivate the most talented people who care and who work together as partners across business functions. We give them the training they need to succeed in their work. We want them to be responsible and accountable for their functions. We recognize and thank them for outstanding performance and believe that tameness contribute to our success.  At Busam Capital Ltd, we believe in the professional and comprehensive advice that we provide would not be possible without the dedication of our team players, who constantly strive to deliver tailored service and advice to meet your individual requirements. Our experienced teams have an unrivalled understanding of leading, and we ensure they meet only the highest standards of professionalism through continual training and development.

Our Products
Our products are financial investments. To add value we afford professional advice.  Our experts together with our associates offer sound advice and products. The quality of our service keeps customers and is recognized by repeat business. The quality of our customer experience is our single biggest opportunity for growth.  Our core business comprises the provision of quality and affordable financial services, to satisfy diverse needs of various clients.

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